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I’ve gotten many inquires lately of how one becomes a Notary Public and a Signing agent.  Below are some simple instructions on how to begin.  I will be using the state of Florida, as that is where I am commissioned.

Step 1

Don’t pay for the educational certificate required by the state of Florida.  You can take the class for free online on the Secretary of State’s website: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us, it is a timed class and you have to have three hours to devote to it.

Step 2

I recommend going through the American Association of Notaries for this step.  You have to submit your certificate to a bonding agency to get the required $7,500.00 bond required by state statute.  The AAN has a nice package that includes your bond, stamp and some other supplies. 


Step 3

After you receive your commission in the mail you will be able to take the Signing Agent training.  I recommend that you stay away from the National Notary Association.  I recommend taking the course from Notary2Pro.  Carol is a wonderful resource and teacher.



Step 4

E&O Insurance

Most companies that hire Signing Agents require E&O Insurance.  I recommend getting a $25,000.00 policy.  The best deal that I have found is through NotaryRotary.com




Step 5

Submit for your background check.  (For those wishing to be Signing Agents)



Note Bene: 
The NNA (National Notary Association) has convinced a lot of agency to only accept their training and certifications.  I think they are a waste of money and they have horrible customer service.  If you really want to pay top dollar for their product here is their link.